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Vibratone Academy

Vibratone Academy

WALM South East Asia Tour
WALM South East Asia Tour
05 Jul 2024, 7:30 pm SGT
Flexible Performance Space
Can you make it?
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Pop Ensemble Lesson

Pop Ensemble Lesson

We are the only music school in Singapore to offer our unique pop ensemble course.

We bring students to practice/play songs together whilst under the guidance of our highly qualified teachers. 

Students get to experience and learn what it's like to be in a band but fast-tracked through the common mistakes. In turn, it trains their ears, communication, and improvisation skills that can be directly translated into the real world.

Learning Routes


We believe in specialised learning for each and every student

Exam Route

Follow a textbook and
advance through
Grades 1 to 8

Personal Development Route

For those that just want to have fun and reach titles like
"Campfire Guitarist"

Higher Learning


For the advanced musician who wants to pursue music in University or as a career

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Whilst teaching remains our priority, our music academy doubles as a studio/workshop to accommodate musicians of all kind

Performance Recording

Professionally record audio and video of your performance

Video/Audio Production

Mix and Master audio as well as edit raw videos for your projects

Guitar Repair

Fix your beloved guitar when accidents happen

Guitar Modifications

When it's time to switch out your guitar parts in search of the perfect tone


Student Reviews

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