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  • Are there parking lots at the school?
    We do not have our own designated parking lot, but there are several free lots nearby. The highlighted green sections are the most convenient parking spaces nearby.
  • Can I watch my child’s class?
    Of course! Each of our rooms are spacious enough for you to sit in and watch over the lesson. There are also glass windows on each door for you to watch in even when you’re outside at the parents lounge.
  • What instrument should I pick for myself or for my child?
    Since we don’t know you personally yet, take this quiz to find out yourself! Once you’re done book a trial lesson with us and you can find out whether that instruments works for you! We recommend trying out more than 1 instrument so you pick the right one.
  • Do I need to bring my own instrument?
    No you don’t have to! We have instruments that you can use, but of course if you have own, please feel free to bring it along with you.
  • What’s the right age to start learning instruments?
    We don’t like to limit the age for learning any instruments, but our current student age range is 3-70+ years old. Do give us a shout if you need us to help you with this.
  • How long does it take to get a graded certification?
    It really depends on your individual progress and how much time you spend practising. We will always gauge on the duration based on each lesson’s progression.
  • What’s the teaching style?
    We have created 3 learning routes(styles) to cater to all types of students. Have look at the Learning Routes page
  • Possible to not take music theory?
    Yes but only in our leisure lessons (Personal Development Route).
  • Are there any group classes?
    Yes we do offer group classes of up to 5 pax for guitar, vocals, and violin lessons. We offer up to 2 pax for piano and drum lessons as well. So you can learn along with your friends and/or family.
  • Can I freeze my lessons and continue at a later date?
    Please refer to this for our housekeeping rules.
  • What happens if I miss a lesson?
    Please refer to this for our housekeeping rules.

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